Ernest Cameron Perrott

Father: (not available)
Mother: (not available)
Born: 21/02/1901 Taranaki N.Z.
Died: 30/06/1973 Te Awamutu N.Z.
Married: __/__/1929 Gwendoline Purnell Daniell
Children: 05/04/1930 Noeline Helen Perrott
05/04/1930 Noeline Helen Perrott

Dairy Farmer.

Left school in 1914 to work the family farm when his brother volunteered for the army and had to be replaced on the farm.

He had a very fine singing voice, but unfortunately it was untrained. All his sisters had training, and they were always involved in choirs, and the development of music in N.Z.

His farm was in the Waikato, South of Hamilton. Farming in Depression years was a hard life, and he virtually "broke in" new land and cleared swamps for farming.