Water Rocket Simulation Results

Simulation number 10514, for


Bottle Volume2000 cc
Diameter110 mm
Water Fill800 cc
Launch Pressure827 Kpa (120 PSI, 8.16 Bar)
Nozzle diameter22.0 mm
Nozzle viscous losses0.16
Dry mass100.0 grams
Coefficient of drag0.30
Initial Velocity0.0 m/s
Launch Tube length0.0 mm
Launch Tube diameter22.0 mm


Launch and thrust phase

Initial thrust 577.9N
Initial burn acceleration 632.3 m/s2 (64.5G)
Average acceleration 1212.7 m/s2 (123.7G)


Burnout after 66 milliseconds
Burnout Velocity 79.9 m/s (287.5 kmh, 178.7mph)
Burnout Altitude 1.7 metres (5.6 feet)
Burnout acceleration 1926.2 (196.4G)
Drag force at burnout 4.9 newton (0.5kgf)
Deceleration due to drag 5.0G
Speed increase due to air pulse 19.0m/s


Drag-free coast 325.1 metres to apogee at 326.8 metres after 8.2 seconds
Actual apogee at 73.75 metres (242.0 feet) after 3.19 seconds


Crashdown speed 23.0 m/s (82.7 kmh, 51.4mph)
Total flight time 7.90 seconds

Altitude (Metres)

Speed (Metres/second)

Acceleration (Metres/second2)

Thrust (N)