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Jun 10, 2002
^Z breaks connect mode, non-standard baud rates on Linux

Apr 15, 2002
talker synchronise, verbose mode
Script commands after "boot" tried to talk to talker before synchronising. Verbose mode added to aid diagnosis. README improved, especially regarding which chip versions are supported.

Mar 18, 2002
map command
Fixed a minor bug with the map command replacing a previous map entry erroneously.

Mar 16, 2002
map command, early chip, low latency, Windows port started
The map command is now documented and actually works. The detection of A series chips has a bug fixed, which removes the need for the force option. Linux port uses ASYNC_LOW_LATENCY, which should make slow mode as fast as fast mode. There's a bunch of Windows code in serial.cxx, and though it isn't finished yet, it does compile. Thanks to Martin Neuditschko for help testing the map fixes.

Mar 8, 2001
Fixed bug in EEPROM erase
Erase-byte and erase-all were swapped, sigh. Thanks to Reiney Brown for spotting this problem and providing a fix.

Feb 9, 2001
Symbolic disassembly
The mapping commands aren't finished, but I needed a symbol table, and what better way to test it than by making the disassembler do reverse lookups? The define command isn't documented yet, just say "define" to get a usage message.

Jan 24, 2001
New mapping functionality roughed out
This version provides very little that's new, but contains the framework for future memory-mapping support. It does however have a rudimentary map command that can add regions of pre-existing memory types to an existing machine memory map.

Jan 19, 2001
Added E2 talker
Untested! talkE2.s19 is a talker designed to run in the 'E2's normal mode. Load it into EEPROM using the RAM talker, then each time you reboot in normal mode, the talker will run. Please let me know if it works, as I have no E2 to try it on.

Jan 19, 2001
Fixed bug in fast memory-write, added verify command
The fast memory-write fix from November would verify incorrectly when writing more than 64 bytes at a time. The debug mode command interpreter now has a verify command to verify memory. These improvements were submitted by Yann Gouy, thanks Yann!

Dec 4, 2000
Fixed last-byte echo 0xFF problem for early chips
Some "A" series chips echo the last byte of a bootstrap as 0xFF, and the "force" option didn't work from a script.

Dec 1, 2000
Improved newbie instructions
Some people were fazed by the build errors in the talkers etc. The README tells them when they can ignore these errors.

Nov 18, 2000
EEPROM talker had off-by-one stack pointer
This caused a failure to read the memory address you wanted... sigh, I forgot the stack post-decrements.

Nov 13, 2000
K series support, and file search paths
The K series bootstraps load at address 0x80 and the registers are right at the start of memory, so the talkers are quite different. This version provides three K talkers.

Script and S19 files can now be found in various preconfigured directories as well as the current dir.

Nov 1, 2000
Much faster downloads to RAM
Gave up for now on getting Linux select() timing bug fixed and wrote a much faster download routine that writes blocks before verifying every byte, instead of verifying every byte as it's written. It now downloads to RAM at 4/5 of full RS-232 speed.

Fixed bug in breakpoint acknowledgements with EEPROM talker.

Oct 15, 2000
Bug Fixes, EEPROM-resident talker, some 'F1 support
talker is now called talkram, because two EEPROM talkers are now provided, talkFE80 and talkB700, for 'F and 'E series processors respectively.


Oct 11, 2000
Added new scripts
Added DB11 scripts to enable expanded mode and allow configuration of tty/baud rate settings in one place, and to start the debugger with the chip in expanded mode.

Oct 7, 2000
Downloading to RAM faster
Downloading to RAM now overlaps writes and reads (sends and verifies) so it runs twice as fast.

Sep 5, 2000
Added device register map entry and "machine" command
The memory map code is still vestigial, but now you can select one of four memory maps from map.cxx, or add your own.

Sep 4, 2000
First major release
No support for external FLASH, precompiled memory map only. No EEPROM talker yet, only RAM one. No Windows port of DB11 is yet available, volunteers?

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