Heath Family Genealogy

Prepared by Clifford Heath during 1992-1997.

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Family Tree Outline

William Heath      (More Heaths of Devon)
Samuel Rodier Heath
migrated to Aus: (born c 1860-) (born c 1890-) (born c 1930-) (born c 1960-)
Robert Mosely Robert Willson John Samuel Robert John Robert Penelope
James Roberts Ellen Clara Peter Wallace Philippa
Charles? Katie Rodier Lemuel Roy Michael Maxwell Clifford (me)
Andrew Edward Henry Parker Nöel Eustace Elliot David Duncan Shelley
(family of 12) William Mosely Ian Willson
Thomas Cornish Charles Samuel Rodier Nöel John Menzies
Thomas Cornish Andrew Reed Madge Felicity Margaret
William E. Howard Russell Eileen Kate
(William) Frederick Verrel Jack Andrew Graeme
Lillian Maxwell Bruce

Comprehensive index by first names

Attribution of some sources

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