James Roberts Heath

Father: Samuel Rodier Heath
Mother: Mary Mosely
Born: __/__/1833 ?
Married: __/__/1858 Margaret Miller #4220
Children: __/__/1859 Samuel Rodier Heath
__/__/1861 Margaret Agnes Heath
__/__/1862 Mary Mosely Heath
__/__/1866 Emma Isabella Heath
__/__/1866 Jessie Maria Heath
__/__/1869 Harriet Heath
Married: __/__/1871 Ellen Keyes
Children: __/__/1872 Alfred Moss Heath
__/__/1874 Florence Eliza Heath
__/__/1884 James Roberts Heath
__/__/1887 Harold Rosales Heath

James Roberts Heath emigrated to Australia, arriving in Sydney aboard the "Eagle" on the 1st April 1852, according to his age, correlated with details from the Public Records Office (code B, fiche 091 page 6) and the Sydney Morning Herald of the following day. He came steerage with 16 others, and 10 1st class passengers.

At one time, he lived at Keppel St Carlton.

I believe it might have been James who built a wattle-and-daub hut in Bendigo which is still in the National Trust.