Samuel Rodier Heath

Father: Henry Heath
Mother: Mary Rodier Wills
Born: 27/08/1796 Totness
Married: __/__/1816 Mary Mosely Totness?
Children: ? Henry Heath
? Emma Heath
? Eliza Heath
? Agnes Heath
? (Samuel) Rodier Heath
__/__/1833 James Roberts Heath
? Charles Heath
? Matilda Heath
13/04/1834 Andrew Edward Heath
18/06/1835 Harriet Heath
? Maria Heath
__/__/1837 Robert Mosely Heath
? Frederic Heath

SRH's occupation on the death certificate of his son, Andrew Edward, is given as "currier" (i.e. one who dresses and colours tanned leather). Lenice Stuchbery's research shows that while in London, SRH was a leather dealer ( I can check this terminology). Incidentally, the first six children were christened in London, the next five (including our great great grandfathers) in Devon. Lenice's research also shows that while in Devon, SRH was an Officer of the Poor Law Union. It's not clear where this information came from - perhaps census records? Lenice notes that the 1841 census shows that the Heaths were living in Lake Garden Cottage, Totnes, Devon (I visited the current owners and have extensive photographs of this house). At the time of the census the eldest boys, Henry Moseley and (another) Samuel Rodier, were not living at home.