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This list was created to provide a one-stop forum for the discussion of homemade rockets powered with compressed air and water, and of related topics.

It's now run by Yahoo, so this page simply serves as a policy page and to hold the old list archives (17,000 messages).

The typical rocket discussed here is constructed from discarded plastic soft drink bottles, partially filled with water, pumped with air to high pressure, and released. Altitudes for single stage rockets can exceed 300 feet, with top speeds over 100 miles per hour!

There are many web sites that provide basic information and pictures: if you're new to this topic, a browse through some of those sites is recommended. A good place to begin is Clifford's links list at <http://homes.managesoft.com.au/rockets/links.html>.

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Go to the Yahoo home page for the list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/water-rockets/


This is a very informal list, and the topics of discussion, while usually centered on water rockets, can range far and wide. However, we actively discourage the following. Sanctions range from polite private messages from me up to instant unsubscription.


The old list has closed now (the new one has archives on Yahoo), but these files contain the history of the list (15525 messages!).

Up to end of Messages tar/bzip2 tar/gzip ZIP format
December 1997 1595 734K 915K 1549K
June 1998 1270 624K 754K 1246K
December 1998 1968 684K 885K 1689K
June 1999 2151 820K 1030K 1881K
Dec 1999 1514 654K 805K 1422K
June 2000 2439 1116K 1387K 2645K
Dec 2000 1647 1307K 1477K 2237K
June 2001 1514 935K 1106K 1835K
Dec 2001 1289 734K 895K 1534K
June 2002 1059 523K 654K 1268K
December 2002 1102 644K 764K 1484K
April 2003 128 64K 76K 148K

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