Water Rocket Simulation

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This page does a numerical simulation of the entire flight of your rocket. Just enter the details below, and see how your rocket flies!

Now including Bruce Berggren's air pulse formula! The air pulse is taken as an instantaneous impulse, so the acceleration curves don't show it, but the velocity curve takes a jump upwards on burnout.

Also with Launch Tube simulation, including the ability to use a launch tube of a different size from the nozzle, like with Scott's T-Nozzles.

Rocket volume:   (litres)
Water volume: * (litres)
Pressure:   (in Kpa, append 'b' for bars, 'p' for PSI)
Nozzle size: * (millimeters)
Nozzle loss factor: * (0.05-0.3ish)
Bottle diameter:   (millimeters)
Coefficient of Drag:   (typical range 0.1-0.5)
Dry mass: * (grams)
Initial speed (for second stage):   (metres/second)
Launch tube length:   (millimetres)
Launch tube diameter:   (millimetres, zero means same as nozzle)
Water density: * (kg/litre)


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