DB11 : A loader and debugger for the MC68HC11

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I do my MC68HC11 development in Linux, I needed a download program to bootstrap my hardware. This grew into a full-fledged interactive debugger, loader and terminal emulator, a candidate for replacing Motorola's excellent but ancient PCBug11.

DB11 either bootloads a talker program to RAM (with full verification) using the internal bootloader, or can cause a jump to a preloaded program at any address. When the talker is running, full interactive debug facilities are available, and when running your program (either directly or under the debugger), you can type input to it either directly or in hexadecimal, and receive output in ASCII, hexadecimal, or interpreted as MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) commands.

DB11 is free - you can sell it, use it, or modify it as long as you acknowledge my authorship and copyright. However, I do ask one thing - if you use DB11, send me a postcard at work! In any case, if you like DB11, email me at .

It works on Linux and BSD and to my knowledge has not been ported anywhere else. I use C++ just as a better C, except for a couple of places like the serial port routines. A Windows(tm) port should be a snip, but I haven't felt motivated enough, nor ready to support the number of users I'd get :-). If you augment DB11 or port it, please mail me your patches so they can be made available to others.

Here's the source code package. You'll need a Unix system with a C++ compiler to build it. If this is a problem, let me know and I might provide a precompiled version (but not an RPM or .deb though).

If you need to rebuild the talker or the test programs, you'll need the GNU 68HC11 assembler - the gcc C compiler is there also.

Here's a log of the revisions.

Take a look at the manual for DB11, only a little out of date.

Thanks to all contributors, especially Yann Gouy (verify command and lots of encouragement and ideas), Stephane Carrez (for maintaining gcc and tools), Reiney Brown (eeprom erase bug fix) and to testers: James Steinbauer (K series), Cory Riddell (A series), Juergen Tritthardt (NetBSD), Nicolas Shodet.

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